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Crockery & Cutlery Hire

Crockery & Cutlery Hire


We offer a hire service for crockery & cutlery in the East Grinstead, Crawley and Sussex area. Please see items and prices below.

athena-hotelware-narrow-rimmed-plates-284mmAthena Hotelware Stacking Cups 7ozathena-hotelware-saucers-145mmolympia-kings-soup-spoonolympia-kings-teaspoonStainless Steel Unbreakable Vacuum Pump Pot 3.0L

Platter (2)Image result for Ikea ramekinImage result for white bowlImage result for semi disposable trays

Dinner Plate White 10″                      £0.20/ plate

Salad , dessert Side Plate 8″              £0.20/ plate

Tea & Coffee Cups with Saucer         £0.20/ set

Dinner Knife                                          £0.10/ knife

Dinner Fork                                           £0.10/ fork

Tea Spoons                                             £0.10/ spoon

Dessert Spoons                                      £0.10/ spoon

Coffee or Tea 5 Liter Pump Flask       £3.00/ flask

Serving Platter                                        £0.50/ platter

Ramekin                                                   £0.20/ ramekin

Serving Bowls 10″                                   £0.25/ bowl

Serving Tray                                             £0.40/ tray



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Terms & Conditions

The following conditions apply to the hire of any item including marquees and any other piece of equipment by us, Apple & Cor! , to you, the customer. In these conditions, the word ‘equipment’ includes any item hired by us to you.

The terms of these conditions can only be altered with our written agreement. No condition contained in any booking form or other communication by you which is inconsistent with any of these conditions will be deemed to have been accepted unless we have agreed to your condition in writing.

1)             Acceptance of Quotation

No binding contract will exist until you have accepted our quotation in writing and paid the required deposit or monies in full, as required ,and we have issued you with a written acknowledgment of your acceptance. Quotations remain valid for 14 days from the date stated, unless otherwise agreed, provided that the equipment is still available.

2)             Basis of Quotation

All quotations are made subject to the following understandings:

i.         Hire charges do not include attendance by our employees.

ii.        Hire charge quotes for furniture and other catering hire equipment do not include setting up, dismantling or placing.

iii.      Period of hire means the period for which the equipment is required to be ready for use.

3)             Order Confirmation and Amendments 

i.         Only those items listed on customer quotations/invoices will be delivered.

ii.        It is contingent upon the client to ensure that all goods / services ordered appear correctly on the order list as required. ONLY items which appear on the order list will be delivered. Any amendments must be made prior to the order being dispatched. Please ensure your order list is correct and complete as it will not be possible to amend your order once it has been dispatched.

iii.      All changes to existing orders must be in writing and will only be agreed once written confirmation is received by the client.

4)             Payment

i.            A deposit for the total hire invoice must be paid prior to ourselves acknowledging the booking.

ii.            A further deposit (fully refundable) will be required against loss or damage to equipment if such equipment is collected and returned                                to Apple & Cor! by the customer.

iii.            The balance of the hire charge shall be payable in full  prior to the date of delivery.

iv.            Apple & Cor! reserve the right to debit the balance outstanding from the card holders debit/credit card once the goods have been                                        accepted and received. This payment may be undertaken without further contact with the card holder.

v.            If payment is not made on the due date, you shall be liable for interest on any amount outstanding at a rate of 2% per week.

5)             Cancellation

i.            In the event that you cancel the contract, any deposit that you have paid shall be forfeit. In addition, you will be liable to pay the following percentage of the hire charge quoted dependent on the period of notice given prior to date of commencement of the hire. The deposit shall be deducted from the percentage payable.

Period of Notice Percentage of the Total Hire Charge
More than 90 days 25% or deposit paid, whichever is the greater
61 to 90 days 45% or deposit paid, whichever is the greater
31 to 60 days 60% or deposit paid, whichever is the greater
8 to 30 days 75% or deposit paid, whichever is the greater
Up to 7 days 100%

ii.            All cancellation charges will be deducted from the cardholders debit/credit card as applicable.

6)             Delay

We shall not be liable for delay or failure to complete any contracts as a result of:

i.            The site being unsuitable or access being unavailable on the date stated for delivery

ii.            Adverse wind or weather conditions

iii.            Loss or damage to equipment

iv.            Any industrial dispute, lock-out or strike

v.            Any cause outside our control including traffic congestion

7)             Delivery  and Collection

i.            You must have the premises ready for the time stated for delivery and collection. You should either be available personally or have a                                  representative available at the site at the time stated for delivery and collection. You must check items delivered and sign the                                                appropriate Delivery Note. If you are not present and do not have a representative at the site at the time of delivery:

a.                    You will be deemed to have accepted and received delivery of the items specified in the Delivery Note

b.                  We will deliver and place the equipment in a location we consider appropriate.

ii.            An accepted and received delivery confirms that the client is satisfied that goods/services have been delivered/setup to a safe and                                        acceptable standard.

iii.            If  we are required to redeliver or collect as a result of you / your representative not being available at the delivery time or collection time                         arranged by Apple & Cor!, you will be liable for an additional charge.

vi.            Charges will be incurred for any additional journeys over and above the standard delivery and collection service.

v.            Catering equipment must be ready and repacked ready for collection. Charges will be incurred if our staff are required to sort and pack                             hired items upon collection.

iv.            The above additional charges will be deducted from the cardholders debit/credit card as applicable.

9)           Care of Equipment

i.            You are responsible for and shall indemnify us against any loss of or damage to all hired equipment whatsoever the cause.

ii.            If required, you must provide to us proof of having arranged insurance in your name for the hired equipment at least 7 days prior to the                              delivery date of the equipment, as applicable.

iii.             You must ensure that all items are clean on return unless agreed a charge for a cleaning service.

iv.             Deliveries left at premises unattended are left at the Hirer’s risk.

v.               Catering equipment may be returned soiled, in which case a washing up charge of 20% of the hire price will be levied.

vi.                Damage, shortages, and breakages will be charged at full replacement cost.

vii.            Additional delivery and collection charges will be deducted from the cardholders debit/credit card as applicable.

12)           Limitation of Liability

i.            In the event that we fail to fulfil any terms of the hire contract our liability is limited to refund or cancellation of any hire charges. Under no circumstances shall we be liable to you for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss or profit or otherwise) cost expenses or other claim for compensation whatsoever whether caused by the negligence of ourselves, our employees or agents or otherwise which arise out of or in connection with the hire of the equipment and our entire liability under and in connection with the hire contract shall not exceed the amount of hire charges. This condition shall not apply to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

13)           Insolvency of Customer, etc 

i.            If you become insolvent or are made bankrupt or come to any arrangement or scheme with your creditors, or, if you are a company, you have a liquidator, receiver or administrator appointed or if you breach any of these conditions then we may cancel the hire contract immediately and remove any equipment delivered.

14)           Injuries

i.            It is your responsibility to ensure that heavy boxes are handled in a safe manner to avoid personal injuries.