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About Us 2018 Venues

Lunchtime Delivery, Private Parties, Corporate, Weddings, Funerals, Festivals, Shows, Fates, Events and much more!

Upcoming Events 2018:

May Fair East Grinstead 7th May 2018

East Court Live 3rd June

Soper Hall Caterham Summer Fair 10th June 2018

London to Brighton Bike Ride Red Lion Turners Hill 17th June 2018

East court Live 1st July

Donkey Derby  King Georges Field East Grinstead 22nd July 2018

East Court Live 5th August

Royal Tunbridge Wells Ice Rink 16th November – 2nd January 2019


Events 2017:

May Fair, East Grinstead High Street 1st May 2017

Frowmarket Forest Row 3rd June 2017

East Court Live, 4th June 2017

London to Brighton Bike ride Red Lion Turnershill 18th June 2017 Fathersday. All day BBQ in the Beer Garden.

Frowmarket Forest Row 1st July 2017

East Court Live 2nd July 2017

Donkey Derby  King Georges Field East Grinstead 23rd July 2017

East Court Live 6th Aug 2017

Events 2016:

May Fair, East Grinstead 2nd May

Forest Row Market 7th May

Kemp Town Carnival, Brighton 4th June

East Court Live, East Grinstead 5th June

Mid Summer Festival, Hastings 25th & 26th June

Fantastic British Food Festival, Wakehurst Place 2rd & 3rd July

East Court Live, East Grinstead 3rd July

Dormansland Carnival, Dormansland 9th July

Balcombe Fate,Balcombe 16th July

Donkey Derby, East Grinstead 17th July

East Court Live, East Grinstead 7th August

Pop up restaurant at The Half Moon Inn Balcombe 14th, 20th,21st, 28th August

Frow Market Forest Row 3rd September

Hartfield Village Fate, Hartfield 3rd September

Fantastic British Food Festival, Leeds Castle 9th, 10th & 11th September

Sea Food & Wine, Hastings 17th & 18th September

Bath Food Festival 24-25th September

Tunbridge Wells Ice Rink, Tunbridge Wells 18th November – 1st January 2017



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